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          About us:

          Established in 1996, Shanghai Hengping Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Baoshan Industrial Park, Shanghai. It is one of the instrument manufacturing enterprises controlled by Shanghai Yatai Instrument Co., Ltd. under the group management mode, and developed together with another instrument manufacturing enterprise: Shanghai Kechuang Chromatography Instrument Co., LTD.

          Shanghai beefed up more than 20 years specializes in automatic table/interface tensiometer, microwave digestion instrument of the high and low temperature thermostat, all kinds of high precision, high precision electronic balance, rotary viscometer, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump, sedimentation granulometer, scientific experimental apparatus such as electrochemical products research and development, production, sales and service and provide customized services and solutions for science and technology enterprises. The company has a group of management, product and solution development and manufacturing talents, relying on Shanghai's information technology and cooperation advantages, self-development, research, production of a variety of products and solutions have been widely recognized by the market and users.

          Shanghai Hengping Instrument Co., Ltd. relying on the "group" marketing team, has 38 offices in the country, basically covering the major cities across the country, in order to further expand the country and the market, in recent years we have also established an excellent e-commerce team, to provide new and old customers with quality online services.

          The company's products are widely used in: Petroleum chemical industry, environmental protection, medical and health, textile printing and dyeing, paint coating, ink, paper, building materials, biotechnology, agricultural chemical fertilizer, food and beverage, electrical machinery, and many other fields and industries, scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions and industrial and mining enterprises to carry out quality, granularity, measurement of viscosity, temperature, etc, And R & D, experiment, quality control laboratory instruments and solutions. At present, our various products have been all over the country, some products are exported to foreign countries.

          After more than 20 years of development, the company is recognized as a measuring instruments manufacturing enterprise in Shanghai and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. We always follow the "quality first, service first" business purpose, follow the "customer satisfaction" service purpose, with high quality products, services and solutions to return our every user.